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The internet is laden with free things and ringtones are not excluded from this list. You only need a browser to get tons of free ringtones for any make of phone you have.

Typically, you only need to visit one of the hundreds of sites offering ringtones and help yourself to dozens of download available. Though some sites may charge a token fee, many of them offer their services for free because most of the tunes they use are no longer under copyright. Even when tunes have been under copyright, rintgone crazy webmasters have managed to seek licenses to produce tones out of them free for fans.

If you locate a site, the next step is to get the ringtone into your phone memory so you can select it as a ringer. There are several ways to get the tones into your phone: You can use a data cable to transfer the files into your phone, transfer through the net by SMS or manually type the keys on your phone to get the sound.

A more sophicated technology is to use infra red technology like bluetooth to load the sound onto your phone.

Though SMS is supposed to carry text messages primarily, enhanced versions can carry ringtones or sound files to your phone.

Another method that involves a third party is to select a ringtone and the have it texted to you after offering your phone number.

A cell phone with melody composer will allow you to compose tones yourself by manually pressing the keys in sequence to the notes of the tone. In this case, the site will show you the notes equivalent on your keypad and you only have to keep pressing the sequence to generate the tone you want. After typing, you save onto your phone and make it available for use.

Of growing popularity in ringtones are mp3 rintgones which are actual music converted to ringtones. With this system, the voice recorder of the phone can be used to record any sound such as voice or actual music and then stored as a ringtone. Infact this method has enabled many exotic and sometimes latest pop music to be used as ringtones due to its ease of application.

Now some sites offering free ringtones. has a well-laid out site with tones in several formats including key press sequence. It Features pop music and classical tines. has an overwhelming volume of free ringtones in WAP, midi and key press sequence formats. It has an easy to use interface which suits beginners.

Ringtones help individuals to express their personalities and uniqueness. With midi and mp3 formats available, any sound at all – including one;s own voice, can be easily converted to a ringtone in a matter of seconds.

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