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Customize Your Phone

In ancient times, warriors would decorate their weapons with carvings or jewelry because these weapons became an extension of their lives and an expression of who they were. Today, cellphones are integrating themselves more and more into our lives, becoming an invaluable tool to our work and play. So it is only natural that we decorate our cellphone "weapons" as a form of personal expression and individualization.

There are all kinds of fantastic accessories available to take your cellphone to the next level. After all, why would you want to have exactly the same cell phone that everyone else has, when you can make it uniquely yours?

Boost the Performance factor

You can increase its performance with batteries that last longer than the battery it came with from the factory. These are readily available on the Internet.

If you're on the go and find that your cell phone is dying, you can continue to talk if you have a cellphone charger, which can plug into your car's cigarette lighter. They are very handy, and many cellphones come with one anyway.

If you spent a lot of time in the car, or a lot of time working with your hands, you may need to consider a hands-free attachment. This lets you clip your cell phone to your belt, or lay it beside you on the car seat, and just speak into a microphone and hear through a small earpiece so that you can keep both hands safely on the wheel.

Boost the prettiness factor

Your phone probably came with a gray or silver faceplate, which you can switch to something much more colorful and fun, and appropriate for who you are. Faceplates are available in colors and patterns and textures and can even contain the logo or motif of your favorite band or sports team.

Antennas are available that light up when you get a call, which may not be appropriate in an office setting, but can be a lot of fun when you're hanging out with your friends.

Ring tones are another popular way to customize your cell phone. Ring tones are available for free and for purchase from a variety of companies. Many cellphones can now play different ring tones depending on who is calling. You can select music or find noises or hilarious sounds to make your cellphone stand out from the crowd.

Instead of having the same boring cellphone that everyone else has, why not jazz it up a bit? After all, it's such an important part of your life!

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