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Ringtones are musical melodies frequently used on cellphones. The notes playing in various combinations give mobiles distinct sounds. The sounds often indicate an incoming call or a cell phone alarm alerting. Ringtones have become increasingly popular in Europe and now many popular songs have been converted from midi files to the RTTL format for cellphones.

Nokia Cell Phones - The following is a list of nokia phones that are known to accept customized ringtones in a number of different ways. Please keep in mind if you have a *new* phone and it is not listed it is likely to accept ringtones. Virtually all of the new TDMA and GSM Nokias can recieve ringtones.

Nokia 3210, 3310, 3330, 3390
Nokia 5130, 5165, 5190*
Nokia 6110, 6130, 6150, 6190
Nokia 7110
Nokia 8110i
Nokia 8210, 8260
Nokia 8810, 8850, 8890
Nokia 9110, 9110i
Nokia 9210
All new model TDMA & GSM Nokias

*to receive ringtones a nokia 5190 must have software version 5.71 or version 5.81. To determine the version number type the following *#5190#

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free nokia ringtones

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free nokia ringtones

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free nokia ringtones

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