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Do You Really Need a Mobile Locker?
Forbes recently posted an article about Mobile Lockers, which are supposedly places where mobile phone users can store their games and ringtones online. The companies offering these services include Navio, Oasys, FusionOne, and Verisign. This is a heavily funded space. Navio raised $25 million late last year. FusionOne has raised over $140 million

Ringtones for the Samsung T509
You actually can make decent quality ringtones for the T509, it just takes some know-how.

Ringtones information
Ringtones come in different formats, monophonic, polyphonic and Mp3 tones. MP3 tones are considered to be the dominant type. Monophonic ringtones are a thing of the past; no one really downloads them anymore.

A collection of retro ringtones
Mostly old tv shows. Good stuff..

How-to guides to do (almost) anything to a Moto V3Razr
I have used this guide several times to do everything from putting games, ringtones, and pictures on my Razr for 0$ total, to changing stock graphics for signal bars. A great beginners guide.

Cell Phone Ringtone Downloads: BEWARE
Things to look out for when downloading cell phone ringtones online.

The Truth about Free Cell Phone Stuff
This article will explain the truth behind free cell phone stuff in particular ringtones. It will also provide details on how to obtain free cell phone stuff. It will also give a free cell phone stuff alternative ringtone maker software.

Media Convert - free and on line - convert and split sound, ringtones, imag
Site where you can convert most any type of file into another file. Doc to pdf, mp3 to ogg, etc. etc

Nextel, Boost Mobile and Sprint Ringtones
A Blog that gives you clear instructions on how to make your own ringtones for several phone companies like Sprint, Nextel, And Boost Mobile.

New MOSQUITO ringtones: The ringtones your parents and teachers can't hear
Ultrasonic Ring tones for you're cell phone! The Mosquito tone is a very high pitched ringtone that can generally only be heard by teenagers. The high-pitched alarm originally meant to repel youngsters from shops could become the latest teen ringtone craze. Great for the classroom, as Teachers can't hear.

Why women are dangerous
This would be fun to explain to your wife.

Free Nextel Ringtones, Wallpapers, Games, and GPS! No Joke!
Free ringtones, games, wallpapers, applications, and even free GPS! Great site. Simply become an instant member and enjoy!

Free Ringtones & Java Games For Cell Phones Download from
Free Java Games, Walpapers, Ringtones For Cell Phones. Freeware Software, Shareware, Computer Programs, Drivers & Internet Utilities!

Ninja ringtones
Good site for "Ninja" and Stealth ringtones

Ringtones 6% Solution: II
Howard Knopf's thoughts on the Copyright Board of Canada’s August 18 Ringtones decision of .

Arnold Schwarzenegger Adds SMS Outreach to his Re-election Campaign
Somewhat quietly, Arnold has added SMS outreach to his campaign can see that they have added ringtones as a download from their site as well, although that is coming soon.

Polyphonic ringtone sales collapse
Sales in polyponic ringtones are giving way to ringback

Ringtones and the 6% solution
Will SOCAN's Tariff 24 sound loudly on your phone bill?

Text messages, ring tones all the rage in Iraq
In a city bereft of entertainment, text messaging and swapping ringtones are all the rage for young Iraqis trying to lighten their lives.

Texting, ring tones all the rage in Iraq
In a city bereft of entertainment, text messaging and swapping ringtones are all the rage for young Iraqis trying to lighten their lives. Most restaurants, cafes and movies have closed due to the country's security situation.

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