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Free ringtones by some great alternative and electronic aritsts.
We've all heard some awful ringtones in our time, so why not check this site out and download some of the most original ringtones you'll probably ever hear created by the likes of Telefon Tel Aviv, The Vulva String Quartet, Amp, Vert and many others - all for completely free!

What Does Your Ringtone Say About You?
Ringtones have become big business - be they Bruce Springsteen’s Born to Run, the latest reggae by Sean Paul or even bars of Beethoven’s ninth symphony - so big in fact that it’s been revealed they have overtaken single CD sales. What do ringtones say about your personality?

Downloading Ringtones To A Cell Phone
You may not be aware of it, but there is a certain skill involved in downloading ringtones to a cell phone. Here are some of the basics that you need to understand and master if you are serious about building up a nice collection of ringtones that will be available to you whenever you like.

LYCOS Brings Entertainment Content to Mobile Phones
LYCOS has teamed with PlayPhone to power its LYCOSMobile site allowing anyone with a mobile phone to purchase and download thousands of games, wallpapers and ringtones.

Polyphonic Ringtones an Explanation
Polyphonic ringtones seem to be portrayed as something to be associated with trendy teens wanting to show off their latest ringtone every time their mobile phone rings. Is this really the case though?

LYCOS teams with PlayPhone to power its new LYCOSMobile Storefront
LYCOS announced today that it has launched LYCOSmobile by PlayPhone, its mobile content site, providing hundreds of downloadable games, wallpapers and ringtones for mobile phones. Located at , the site is powered by PlayPhone, Inc., the pioneer of direct-to-consumer wireless distribution.

EMI files $100M royalty lawsuit against InfoSpace
The publishing division of recording industry giant EMI has filed a $100 million lawsuit against mobile entertainment provider InfoSpace, alleging the company and its Moviso and Premium Wireless Services subsidiaries have been underpaying royalties and selling ringtones without the proper licensing rights.

News on iPhone - skins and ringtones
Apple is already cracking down on those who develop skins and ringtones. Is anyone really surprised?

Free iPhone themes for your mobile
Nokia.Motorola theme sets,iPhone ringtones,wallpapers - one single list where you can select all the downloads from.

iPhone Ringtone/Theme (more calm created tones)
I loved the iPhone ringtone as well as some of the new vista sounds that were calm sounding. I made a few ringtones and would like to share both them and the new iPhone Ringtone as well as the Windows Mobile 2005 advanced theme that makes your phone look just like the iPhone interface. Sweet. Digg it please to get some of my ringtones out there

Google Docs Falls Victim to Spam
Someone managed to spam Google Docs and get #2 in Google for the search term "ringtones" by spamming thousands of photo galleries and sites. Even Google's spam filter couldn't catch it.

Apple’s iPhone: the ringtones industry killer ?
There are rumors that iPhone will be fully integrated with iTunes… What does this mean? Imagine the end of “the magic ringtones era�…You can simply select your favorite song in iTunes and then - bam - it becomes your ringtone!

Reading on the Go: SMS? No Lord of The Rings
Usually when we talk of mobile content, we mean ringtones, photos and videos. But the founders of Wattpad - a project just out of one-month private beta - decided to add… usual text to this list. And that's quite obvious - text is still the most common way of information sharing.

Official pictures of the LG Prada cellphone.
It features a 3.0 inch wide touchscreen, 2MP shooter with Schneider-Kreuznach lens, Micro SD card slot for additional storage capacity, Bluetooth 2.0 support, and a media player. This handset will come preloaded with exclusive Prada content including a classy B&W theme, ringtones, and an exclusive leather case that inspired by the classic Italian c

Ringtones from the Reichstag: Analyzing humor regarding Hitler
For much of the past year, one of the top ringtones in Germany has been Der Bunker, by a German comedian Walter Moers, which features the cartoon character Adolf, the Nazi pig naked and singing in the bathtub to his dog...

Moto RAZR Part I: How do I copy files, ringtones, pictures
See how easy it is to get files to and from your Motorola RAZR phone with just a bluetooth connection on your PC.

iPhone Roundup: True Cost, 3D, and Ringtones!
What is it all going to cost you in the end... read on to find out.

Seem editing Motorola RZR-V3M/e815/V710, enable Multimedia Studio-MPT, sync
For XP-SP2 and 2000-SP4Many mobile phone service providers, cripple their phones with the intention of forcing you to buy their ringtones, wallpapers and other services. Fun Console application
Browse ringtones, wallpapers and screensavers from a desktop application.

No third party apps on iPhone
"Mr. Jobs also appears to be restricting the potential for third-party software developers to write applications for the new handset — from ringtones to word processors." Hmm...

Game over... Cingular Sync A707 Diagnostic Menu found!!!
Tired of Cingular forcing you to keep their wallpapers, ringtones, and service numbers clogging up your menus? Well, get to work... this is the next step in exploiting the firmware.

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