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Get 32 Holiday Theme Ringtones !
Go HAPPY this Holiday season with 32 Happy Holiday ringtones. Lots of classics included. Works with standard equipment, no other hardware or software required, guaranteed!

U.S. Copyright Office Ringtone Decision
“The U.S. Copyright Office issued a memorandum opinion that ringtones qualify as digital phonorecord deliveries subject to statutory licensing under Section 115 of the Copyright Law.�

FREE Hiliday Ringtones and Wallpapers
Free Ringtones. US Carriers only.

Ringtone Media Studio
Create your own ringtones, wallpaper and video clips for your cell phone.

Christmas Perfection - Christmas Ringtones
Christmas is the season to buy gifts for your family and try to smell the holly and evergreen, and eat lots of seasonal goodies. If you're in the mood for Christmas, why shouldn't your cell phone be in the mood too? You can get some great Christmas ring tones for your cell phone. Try to get touch with your ring tones yourself as well as friend

create your own ringtone and send to a friend for free - great for xmas! is awesome! you can upload ringtones in a snap and send them to your phone or your friends' phones. OR, you can record yourself talking and make it into a ringtone. it's pretty cool. i've never used ringtones before, but this site makes it so easy and fun. and of course someone has already created a 'dick in the box' ringtone... :>

Quick FREE app for Treos / Palms that converts MP3s into RINGTONES
Quick little app that I have been looking for... WORKS GREAT!

RIAA Screwing Artists - Sinch's Response to Proposed Lower Artist Royalties
Record labels are asking a panel of copyright judges to lower the rate they pay music publishers and songwriters for the use of the lyrics and melodies with which they create sound recordings.Their reasoning is that publishers have found new ways of making money that don’t involve the record labels, ringtones being one of the big ones.

How to Create a Ringtone for Your Mobile
Make your own MP3 ringtones from audio files!The complete guide.

users reviews of mini mobiles, mobile games ringtones
Choosing the best cell phones these days can be overwhelming. There's new technology, heaps of abbreviations and lists a mile long of fancy features of the best cell phones. If have absolutely no clue what cell phone to buy and which cell phone accessories to choose, we invite you to browse this website.

Ringtones help increase breast size?
Increasing numbers of young women in Nanchang city are downloading a colorful mobile phone ringtone that promises to increase their breast size

Ringo ringtone manager for WM Smartph
Electric Pocket has released a WM Smartphone version of its popular Ringo Mobile application.With Ringo, owners of such devices as the Cingular 2125, Motorola Q or T-Mobile Dash will be able to use any MP3 or WMA tunes as ringtones as well as assign alert tones to specific groups and contacts for SMS messages.

Center for Biological Diversity Offers Free Wildlife Ringtones
Thanks to one wild new web site, now you can use your cell phone for calls of an entirely different nature: rousing ringtones of the croaks, chirps and sensational songs of rare and endangered animals from around the world! Visit the Center for Biological Diversity's for FREE endangered wildlife ringtones!!!

Turn Your Cell Phone Into a Nag!
Hilarious idea of using ringtones to motivate New Year's resolutions. It's like a wife in your pocket!

Ringo Ringtone Manager for Windows Mobile Smartphones
Electric Pocket's Ringo Mobile application is now available for users of Windows Mobile Smartphone devices, such as the Cingular 2125, Motorola Q, T-Mobile Dash and the SPV C600 from Orange. As well as using their own MP3 tracks, Ringo users can choose from 50 free MP3 ringtones, which they can download directly to their phone.

I want my MTV on my phone ...
Viacom's MTV Networks has created a new centralized group to increase its participation in the mobile phone business.The so-called Mobile Media Group will be responsible for developing ringtones, games, videos and other content from its various brands for supply to mobile phone carriers.

Get 2 Free Custom 'Karaoke' Ringtones!
Create your own Karaoke ringtones by singing over popular tracks and download them to your phone. First two are free if you enter the offer code!! Acquired By IDT, a social network that allows you to create ringtones and wallpapers, has been acquired by the telecoms company IDT.

Get Free ringtones on any cellphone with any company
All you need is internet access this is not a joke

Free Polyphonic, MP3 Cell Phone Ringtones and Wallpapers Ringtones is designed for mobile phone owners to easily create their own customized Free Ringtones, and send them to their mobile phones. Ringtones can be made from any of the mobile phone owners’ digital audio files, including MP3, WAV, WMA Get the latest Polyphonic and Monophonic Ringtones, True Tones, MP3 Ringtone

Atomic Kitten ringtones
Download Atomic Kitten ringtones and real tones

The Ringtone Revolution
In Hip-Hop the rings MC's and producers are looking to sport right now have nothing to do with jewelry. In 2006 it's all about rings of a different kind as the latest wave to sweep the Hip-Hop world involves music blasting out of one’s phone rather than a set of speakers. Yes, for many artists it's all about the ringtones.

Ashanti ringtones
New Ashanti ringtones and mp3 tones

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