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Get the new Apple iPhone ringtones
Found out you can get the new iPhone tones on here. I can't wait to get my iPhone, which I cannot afford :(

Official iPhone Ringtone «Marimba» (Download)
Download the official iPhone-Ringtone (Apple call it «Marimba») as AAC, MP3 or AIFF for your mobile phone!

Is That Obama Calling?
Obama now has ringtones.

Chris Brown - Wall To Wall - Ringtones, Music Video & Lyrics
Download the ringtone, watch the music video & get the lyrics for Chris Brown's latest hit single Wall To Wall

Rihanna - Shut Up And Drive - Ringtones, Music Video & Lyrics
Download the ringtone, watch the music video & get the lyrics to Rihanna's hit new single Shut Up And Drive

Boys Like Girls - The Great Escape - Ringtones, Music Video & Lyrics
Download the ringtone, watch the music video & get the lyrics for the hit single The Great Escape by Boys Like Girls

Down AKA Kilo - Lean Like A Cholo - Ringtones, Music Video & Lyrics
Download the ringtone, watch the music video & get the lyrics for the hit single Lean Like A Cholo by Down AKA Kilo

The ringtone that makes your breast bigger
The ringtone stimulates the brain with sounds similar to the ones made by babies when they want to be fed, this should make the breasts react and grow.

How to get positive reinforcement perpetually - Free ringtones with mantras
Fight back! You're constantly getting bombarded with, "you're not good enough," "you'll never make it," "you're an idiot," messages all day long. Reverse the messages in your mind with positive free ringtones - "I am success, confidence, courage, wisdom and power," says one of the ringtones.

New release of PlayNow download service, more content and new UI
The new version (PlayNow version 4.0) significantly expands the amount of content available, including more music tracks, games, ringtones (mastertones) and wallpapers, and simplifies the end-user browsing and purchasing experience with a new UI and menu.

Barack Obama Ringtones
Cool Barack Obama ringtones and wallpaper

The silent ringtone: are you too old to hear this?
Apparently those over 30 are unable to hear this "silent ring tone", though youths complain that it's ear-piercingly loud! Available for free download at Kunoichi's site. Have a listen and see if you're too old!

Bollywood earns more from mobile than from Box Office!!!
In an article by Timesofindia, Indian movies get only 40% of its revenue trough the box office, the remaining 60% comes from DVD mobile Wallpapers Ringtones, games, caller tunes etc. Gaming based on Bollywood films and personalities is already estimated to be worth around Rs.100 million ($2.2 million).

Big entertainment is coming to your small screen mobile phone.
Mobile content can include music and ringtones from Amy Winehouse, Beyonce, or from movies like Knocked Up.

Productivity: Use a silent ringtone for low priority contacts
My cell phone (like most) lets me select a custom ringtone for each contact in my phonebook, however there's no option to set an individual entry to "not ring". Get around this by creating a selent ringtone for contacts that will never require our immediate attention.

Fun Stop Gate For All Gizmogates
Just got this site while surfing contains PC & mobile wallpapers, mobile themes, ringtones and discussion on mobile applications and gamessite owner gives great offer in exchange of posting articles and stuffs. i got paid last week 3 dollars for 300 articles and now posting more to get other offerscheck it out

AVS Audio Tools
Configuration from last run is saved and auto loads on start-up. Set a soundtrack as a ringtone before the movie is released! AVS Audio Tools - This audio software suite includes full-featured digital Audio Mixer and 10 wizard-styled tools - Ringtone Maker

A Secret Ringtone Your Teachers Can
A secret ringtone you can use in class or in school to receive calls and text messages.

Verizon Gets Ringtones Wrong with the RAZR
I was recently trying to get some ringtones on Mary's RAZR but for some reason (spelled M-O-N-E-Y) Verizon has chosen to make this as difficult as possible for those who chose not to use their service.

Free Virgin Mobile Ringtone
information on getting a free virgin mobile ringtone

Reprogramming your belief systems with mantra ringtones - Self Improvement
Monks can program their mind to do superhuman feats because they keep themselves in an isolated controlled environment. The rest of us can chant mantras all day long but the moment we step into the real world, negative thoughts and messages bombard us. So fight back with powerful free mantra ringtones that maintain your meditation...

Windows Mobile: How To Install Ringtones
Getting that new ringtone from your PC to Pocket PC is as easy as any drag-and-drop action.

Hacking your Verizon RAZR to accept MP3 ringtones
A couple of days ago we told you about two brothers — one on Cingular, the other on Verizon — with identical RAZR cell phones. One was able to use MP3 ringtones (Cingular), the other was not (Verizon). Seems the

HowTo - Custom Mantra Ringtone for blackberry lg env vx9800 chocolate etc.
Why not record your favorite mantra or most important reminder for you cell phone ring tone? how to make your own ringtone and upload it to a verizon blackberry lg env vx9800 chocolate etc.

How to add a custom mantra ringtone to your Verizon Env vx9900 or Chocolate
VIDEO How to - Meditation mantra forum discussion - no. you dont need bitpim or any sophisticated coding. naw, you dont need to use bluetooth... nope. you dont even need to buy anything. all the software you need is shareware to make your own meditation mantra (or anything for that matter) custom ringtone

What is a polyphonic ringtone?
Describes in layman's terms, what a polyphonic ringtone is.

Making Ringtones on OS X via iTunes
This quick and easy guide shows you how to easily use iTunes to make a ringtone for your celluar phone.

The Police are back! Nostalgia, Ringtones, and More
The Police are back in the Bay Area after 25 years. A spirited, albeit older performance at the Oakland Coliseum (Oracle Arena).

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