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Shop Boyz Have #1 Ringtone in U.S. With "Party Like A Rockstar"
OnDeck/Universal Republic Records Atlanta trio, SHOP BOYZ, have scored the #1 Ringtone in the country with their smash multi-format hit "Party Like A Rockstar"

Nokia 1100 with over 200 million sales
While Donald Norman says "Simplicity is highly overrated", and Joel Spolsky agrees with him, Nokia's 1100 with "over 200 million sales" does not have MP3 ringtones, camera, video recording, 3G, EDGE, GPRS, BlueTooth, IrDA, WiFi, push-to-talk, touch screen or even a cool design. So simplicity sells or not? What do you think?

Push Ringer, a real-time interactive multimedia enhancement to telecommunic
Emotive's flagship product, the patent-pending "Push Ringer", reverses the common ringtone model. It enables a caller to push an outgoing ringtone to the receiving phone allowing the caller, not the called person, to set the tone. The chosen Ringer is transmitted to the recipient's handset and temporarily overrides the phone's pre-set ringer.

Pogo Launches Internet-based File Sharing Software for Mobile
Sensing the mounting demand of mobile phone applications, POGO, a South African firm has launched the first free Internet-based file sharing software for mobile phones that will allow the users to share ringtones, music, games, videos and themes.

BlackBerry Software Review: Create your own BlackBerry ringtones
Quite good review of a ringtone generator for BlackBerry devices.

John Sweeney, BBC Panorama, Scientology, ring tone
Wow. Look what I found! It is even available now as a ringtone. What a laugh! What next!?!

What is MP3 To Ringtone Converter?
MP3 To Ringtone Gold is an ringtone converter. It can be used to convert the popular compressed audio formats (.mp3) to ringtone format (.mmf, .amr, .mp3, .wav, .mid) and send them to your cell phone. It can be used to rip multiple audio CDs at once . It also can be used as a mp3 resizer for your mp3 mobile phone. You can save any part of your favo

Mims Honored for Selling 50 Million Ringtones
Rapper MIMS was honored by Virgin Mobile with a special award for having sold the 50-millionth ringtone purchased through Virgin Mobile.

Zionist Israelis Hacking U.S. phones using GSM ringtones
They've been doing it since 2003. Most of those ringtone sites topsites are connected to Israel.

Make your own Helio Ocean ringtones
The process is quit simple, and after going through it, you just say to yourself now why the heck didn't I think of that? Basically, all you need to do is rename the file extension and email the ringtones to your Ocean, then simply save the attachment as rings. It just can't get any easier.

Make Your Own Ringtones For the Helio Ocean
So weve told you everything that we love and hate about the Ocean, and even what everyone else thinks. But the phone did cost you around $300.

How to get MP3 songs as ringtones on your Ocean
Unfortunately this touted iPhone competitor lacks some basic functionality as a phone, but there is a workaround for those wanting Mr. Timberlake as your ringtone.

Best Sound clips from The Godfather
Best wav's and mp3's (lines, not quality) from the original Godfather movie. They make good ringtones, outgoing voicemail messages, etc....

uTube cashes in on YouTube traffic
Universal Tube & Rollform Equipment has sold their machinery and is using their site,, to cash in on lost YouTubers to sell ringtones.

Al Pacino's Scarface is Conquering the Mobile World
Gangster icons are gaining more and more popularity in the mobile industry. To some extent this is happening due to Al Pacino's Scarface. The classic gangster has earned more than $2 million on games, graphics, ringtones and voiceones.

Music Compose Machine
A machine to compose your cell phone ringtone in real time and for free. Several styles available: latino, experimental music, jungle, reggae...

MyxerTones: Create & Share Ringtones
It is an internet service which is for ringtones. Just enter your cell phone number and model, you can use it 3 ways, surf the stored ringtones, create your own tone and share it, or share and sell it.

r2D2 mp3s - best ringtone ever?
these work as a way of telling you your phone is ringing and they'll also fun without being cheesy

Create your own ringtones free!
Turn your photos and music into free ringtones and graphics.

Get Anything You Have Ever Wanted To Download Using Google !!!
Do you want to know how to download EVERYTHING free using a google? Check it out now and get free ringtones, games , music , videos , ebooks, etc.

Want a ringtone without having to pay for software?
Mobile17 offers free ringtone and graphic creation service for virtually all major mobile phones and carriers. Simply put in your cellular phone information, upload the song you want and rip it. Worth a try if you don't want to deal with Vcast or Cingular Mall.

Ringtone that is supposedly only audible to those under 20
The story goes that your hearing gets progressively worse the older you get. So trying to hear something right at the edge of your hearing spectrum won't work. I'm 19 and could hear it perfectly, so I find myselfing doubting. Who else can hear it. Just click on the link that says High Freq 2

Russians eager to purchase legal mp3 only for mobile phones
The turnover of digital music content in Russia totals $38,4m in 2006, including $37,7m sales of ringtones and realtones

A New Culture of Philanthropy
At Mobile Accord we believe that mobile technology can be used for more than just downloading the latest, greatest ringtones and wallpapers.

Ringtone roundup: Learn how to 2 Step
Each week, we track the most popular ringtones.Unk's number 2 on the charts.(Credit: you want keep up with the hip kids, you're going to have to know Unk because his song "2 Step" is the second hottest ringtone according to the latest

Livetone Video Player for Nokia Series 60
The LiveTone Video Player for Symbian OS transforms your Nokia Series 60 (2nd Edition) mobile device into a full feature, video tone phone. A Video Ringtone, or "Video Tone" is a type of ringtone for mobile phones. It combines full motion video with realistic sound on incoming calls. When a mobile phone receives an incoming call, a video file is tr

Online Google MP3 finding tool!
This search engine queries Google to find MP3's, Complete Albums, Ringtones, etc. I hope you find this useful!

VIDEO: Acon dances his way into losing verizon sponsorship with 15 year old
Verizon deleted his ringtones, destroyed promos, and distanced themselves from Akon when they saw should anyone else...

Create your own Treo ringtones with MiniTones
MiniTones turns any MP3 file into a Treo ringtone. This 51K app runs right on your Treo. Just select any MP3 file, then choose Trim to select the portion you want to use as your ringtone. (Because the MP3 gets copied into your Treo's main memory, you'll probably want to pare it down.)

Ringtone bird drives chemistry student up a wall [humor]
A "field report" by FINRADD about a bird that started mimicking ringtones and just does not want to stop.

The Problem With Micropayments - Sorry, Wrong Number
Everyone who imagines a working micropayment system either misunderstands user preferences, or imagines preventing users from expressing those preferences. The working micropayments systems that people hold up as existence proofs — ringtones, iTunes — are businesses that have escaped from market dynamics through a monopoly or cartel

Get the CTU Ringtone
Love 24? Here is the infamous CTU ringtone for your phone.

The Ringtone Business
Each year marks a growth in the mobile ringtone industry that has ultimately taken up the music business.

Official Ford Mustang Ringtone
I found this cool ringtone of the Mustang motor revving at Ford's website. Unfortunatley, Nextel is not supported by the Ford ringtones. I tried several different carriers and models to "fake" the site into sending the message. No luck there either. Does anyone have the ringtone that they can post for download (it's free from Ford, so....

Crafting ringtones that say "you"
More than making ringtones and wallpaper, Phone Sherpa is on the lookout for independent artists and musicians seeking to increase their fan reach and get their music and art heard everywhere.

The Google of Free Ringtones seems to be the google of ringtones. Lilly over atringtonia wrote a story about them and turned me on to it. seems legit. site has thousands of free ringtones for alot of phones, works with verizon and sprint too. got tired of paying them 2 bucks for each. the best part is they have alot of really rare video game ringtones

Free MP3 Ringtones
Some nice mp3 music is these so I just would like to recommend it ...

How to Get Free Ringtones From at&t (Cingular)
Depending on how you feel about it morally, you can get up to three uncontested ringtone refunds from Cingular a month when buying from

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