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Get fart ringtones for your cell phone
Yeah... you can get great farting ringtones for your phone. It's rude, crude, but funny. Imagine standing in a crowded spot when your phone goes off to the sounds of someone farting... Great icebreaker... Get 10 Complementary Fart tones. Try them out...

Hidden Details from the iPhone Keynote
Four things about the iPhone that you probably overlooked from Steve Job's MacWorld keynote. They include what the calendar application looks like, how you'll view traffic in Google Maps, another way to scroll through long lists and how ringtones may ultimately work.

Buzz delivers 3G Computing
Buzz 3G Browser comes as a plug-in for Windows IE and Firefox that gives the User, the ability to send Games, Ringtones, Text Messages and Multimedia Messages to Mobile Phones Globally. It also gives the user the best VoIP and a Virtual PC. Send messages from your PC to Mobile and manage responses right on your PC. More info

umm…why? The 80’s Brick Phone returns
The bulky FY8850 80's Brick Cell Phone faithfully recreates the era's ugly icon, with a few small concessions such as a color LCD screen, polyphonic ringtones, speaker phone, and an actual battery life, but otherwise it's the same design, or lack there of, you'd expect.

Another Motorola Phone
Building upon the design of Motorola’s existing products such as the W208, the Motorola W215 includes a vivid 65K-color TFT display, integrated FM radio, and a VGA camera with 4x zoom. Users can download and upload pictures and ringtones to and from a computer with the support for Handset Manager......

Motorola W215
Building upon the design of Motorola's existing products such as the W208, the Motorola W215 includes a vivid 65K-color TFT display, integrated FM radio, and a VGA camera with 4x zoom. Users can download and upload pictures and ringtones to and from a computer with the support for Handset Manager.........

Ringtones and polyphonic
Information about ringtone and polyphonic and different types of ringtones

Ringtones for your HORN!
Car horn personalization .. this is quite funny . "Are you still using your factory horn sound?"

Avatar Characteres for your Phone
U-DOO is a new program that lets you build personal ringtones with matching avatar characters. You can download these avatar tones to your mobile phone, email them to yourself and your friends, and publish them to your MySpace page.

US Cellular customer? There is a whole new world there, WITHOUT Easyedge ;)
You won't have to rely on Easyedge anymore, to enjoy Your favorite ringtones. This way, You can also upload wallpapers and download pictures, voice clips and video that You take with Your phone. We still have to figure out a way with games but I am pretty sure it can be done too. Visit for a step by step guide!

Ringtones aren't free, watch out before you submit your phone number!
Make sure your friends don't fall for the "free" gimmick. It's a cool deal if you download ringtones a lot, but to trick people into a subscription is a little shady.

Download the Apple iPhone Ringtone :)
Seems like the new iPhone ringtone has been leaked (but I wouldn't be surprised if Apple changes it before launching the iPhone in July). Although not the most creative of ringtones, it's actually not that bad it reminds me of Sony Ericson's old polyphonic ringtones.

Cartoon Network draws up CallToons
Cartoon Network announced CallToons, a patent-pending mobile application that replaces conventional handset add-ons like ringtones and wallpapers with interactive voice prompts, images and sound effects all tied to the user's favorite animated character. "CallToons allows a character's personality to take over the mobile phone's functionality..."

Music exec slams mobile entertainment experience
Edgar Bronfman Jr. said although there are millions of music phones, only about 8.8% of people with them actually buy music over the air because such purchases are expensive, complicated & slow. It can take a person 20 clicks to buy a ringtone, & ringtones, full-track songs, music videos & album art are sold in separate virtual stores.

MP3 and Polyphonic Ringtones
The most advanced ringtone downloads are actually mp3s. That's right, the same mp3s that you may have on your computer as part of your ever-growing digital music collection. While they are still rather costly to download online, if your phone can connect to your computer either via a USB cable or through Bluetooth you can always download songs..

Toons to make wisecrack ringtones - CNET
Cartoon Network plans service featuring voices of its TV characters, including Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

Microsoft unveils DRM for mobiles
Microsoft PlayReady, introduced at the 3GSM conference in Barcelona, can protect standard audio and video files, ringtones, pictures, games, wallpaper and other content that operators sell to mobile users. The technology aims to support operators that are working to meet the growing demand from end users for mobile content, Microsoft said.

LG L1200
This lightweight clamshell GSM phone sports a VGA camera and 65,000-color TFT main display. Other features include Java 2.0, an external display, and 40-chord polyphonic ringtones.....

Create Your Own Ringtones!
This site allows you to create your own ringtones by uploading files from your computer. As long as the file is not DRM protected, you can upload any file format. Not just a clip of a song either, you can send the entire song to your phone via a test message.

HOWTO: Make RAZR ringtones with iTunes (with screenshots)
A guide to making ringtones for a RAZR using iTunes.

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