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Pepsi and Motorola offering more than 150 original ringtones
Cell phone rings will never be the same, thanks to the Pepsi Cool Tones & Motorola Phones promotion, which begins today.

Mobile music looks beyond ringtones
Within a matter of weeks, several wireless operators are expected to introduce musical "alert tones" -- a snippet of a song lasting between two and five seconds, that users can assign to play when they receive incoming text messages and voice mail, similar to a ringtone.

Nokia N91
FEATURES: Camera resolution 1600x1200 Colour display Yes Number of colours 256000 Video recording Yes Memory 4GB Ringtones Polyphonic Polyphonic Yes MP3 Yes

Stop Paying for Ringtones! (A small Jamster hack)
We all know we can make mp3 ringtones from our music CDs, but what about those "must have" fun-sounds? Jamster and Yahoo! Mobile actually provide all their comic mp3 files free of charge. You doubt? This Greasemonkey script gets the links for you.

updates about ringtones,free ringtone, download ringtone,cingular ringtone,
Get the latest information and updates about ringtones,free ringtone, download ringtone,cingular ringtone,sprint ringtone... as we'll be adding information on ringtone free downloads.. on a regular basis

Get the latest information and updates about ringtones,free ringtone
Get the latest information and updates about ringtones,free ringtone, download ringtone,cingular ringtone,sprint ringtone... as we'll be adding information on ringtone free downloads.. on a regular basis

FREE Service to Convert your MP3s/M4a to ringtones for your cell
This free service lets you take MP3/M4a(they show you how to take iTunes music too) files from your music collection and graphics from you image collection and conver them to ringtones and images compatible with your mobile phone. They send it to your phone or you can download it once its ready.

Dmobo's P700 Pooh phone
"Built in cahoots with Disney, the P700 sports many of the same features as big-girl phones: digital camera with flash, MP3 and MPEG-4 media player, and of course, a healthy slathering of Winnie the Pooh themes, wallpapers, ringtones, and accessories"

Dutch mobile consumers spend $66 a year on data by 2007
Dutch mobile consumers are spending over $60 a year on non-voice services such as texting, games and ringtones.

Mobile Phones -- Phantom Ringtones & Vibrations
Do you hear your mobile phone ringing or feel you mobile phone vibrate, only to discover it wasn't? You're not alone. Here's an interesting article on this phenomenon and that describes how advertisers are exploiting it.

Wireless World: What Women Want
Every year U.S. women spend $5 billion on magazines, movies and other lifestyle "content." Now, marketing experts tell UPI's Wireless World, the mobile-phone industry is eyeing the women's market as a new niche, hoping to provide customized content, whether it is ringtones, personalized "wallpaper" ...

YourSpins - Allows You to Make Remixes (Awesome)
YourSpins is a new start-up that allows users to make remixes of songs online, make custom ringtones and add them to blogs, webpages and other social network profile pages (MySpace etc.). Orli from the Go2Web2 blog thinks that it's awesome (notice the title).

Apple iPhone: Buying music, ringtones and art from your celluar phone
This is not the smoking gun proving an iPhone is on the way but it supports the assertion that Apple has done significant work towards producing a phone and is perhaps waiting until they feel the market is right. They have certainly hired people with expertise in phone design

Apple patent reveals plans for mobile iPod
Apple's latest patent filing reveals plans for a mobile iPod that sounds just like a mobile phone - except without voice capabilites. The patent proposes a mobile iPod that will let users tag content (including ringtones) for download over wireless or cellular networks.

YourSpins - Allow You to Make Remixes (Awesome)
YourSpins is a music community that allow users to make remixes and save them on their homepage, make custom ringtones, share the remixes with other friends or stream them from their blogs, webpages and other social network profile pages, Including the Windows Media Player plugin.

Google Suggest Explorer
I created this simple tool to let you explore "Google Suggest", Google's autocompletion algorithm used by the Google Toolbar and other Google services. Type in a word or phrase like "ringtones" and see what related phrases Google suggests and then quickly drill down to further refine your results.

Blinkertones for your car to replace Ringtones in popularity?
With the electronic revolution having banished nearly all mechanical operations in a car besides the engine itself, it’s feasible we could be downloading custom blinker tones for our pimped rides in the very near future.

An opinion on Skype's new ringtone business
Ebay-owned Skype might have to push a new angle to succeed in the ringtone business and it’s here where record labels and artists can contribute and reap huge potential rewards. The angle I would like to suggest is not to have song clips at all but for the record companies to persuade artists to create short songs specially for use as ringtones.

Make MP3 ringtones for free
You can pick any MP3 song file, upload it to our ringtone converter tool, edit any part of your song and download it to your cell phone for free.

Skype Makes Music Deals
Users of the Internet phone application can buy more ringtones. What are they going to think of next?

Verizon, Cingular Whitewash Mobile Content
If you were hoping to download saucy content (games, ringtones, music, videos, text) of any sort from Verizon, forget about it. The company has created ultra-conservative new internal guidelines that ban a variety of edgy content, most of it having to do with sinful body parts or sinful acts of human procreation.

Skype Licenses Music For Ringtones
Skype has added a bit of bling to its image by licensing "hundreds of thousands" of musical works that can be used as ringtones for the Skype app.

Is Skype going to compete with the iTunes Music Store?
kype already offers the chance to buy generic ringtones from,, but by signing up Warners and EMI it could move into a much more lucrative field.

Skype Licenses Music For Ringtones
Hundreds of thousands of musical works have been licensed by Skype that can be used as ringtones for their app!

Skype To Roll Out Music Ringtones
Skype, eBay's Internet telephone subsidiary, has announced a deal with music publishers that will make audio clips from artists like Madonna, Green Day and Red Hot Chili Peppers available to its users as ringtones.

Cool Website With Free Sound Clips
Use them as ringtones for your cell phone. Customize your computer sounds. Send them to your friends in an email or instant messenger. Listen to them to see if you want to buy the movie. Use them on your answering machine. Share them with your co-workers to pass the time. Also, perfect for

Video ringtones for Treo 600/650
Toysoft has released a special ringtone utility for those not satisfied with just audio tones on incoming calls. With Videotones, the owners of Palm OS Treo 600 and 650 smartphones can easily assign AVI movies to their contacts.

Do you love Church Bells ringing?
A catholic church diocese in Austria is now offering church bells as a free ringtone, so that the ringtones "will spread the joy of the season as widely as possible" says the diocese spokesperson.

Online music maker and editor.
Free tools for creating and editing midis and polyphonic ringtones online. Using the online midi Sequencer software you can create midis and polyphonic ringtones from scratch.

Musicane powers indie artist websites to sell digital and get on charts
Musicane is a new digital service that allows indepdent artists to upload and sell music, video and ringtones directly from their own website and report these sales to Nielsen Sounscan. In today's growing independent music market tools to monetize and promote directly are key to artist success..

Cingular To Sell Ringtones From MySpace Bands
Cingular Wireless, the No. 1 U.S. cellphone service, said on Thursday it plans to sell ringtones from bands that put their music on Cingular, a venture of AT&T Inc. and BellSouth Corp., said it hopes the service will boost revenue, customer loyalty and help its image among young people.

Billboard to chart ringtones
Music market tracker Billboard said Tuesday it will start publishing a chart ranking the best-selling master ringtones, audio snippets derived from original studio recordings and used to customize mobile phones.

Cellphone Services Put God on the Line
Companies are selling devices and services such as Christian ringtones and phones with timers that remind Muslims of prayer time. A Pittsburgh company named Jireh Business Development has even introduced a service called JirehMobile that sells what it calls "holy hip-hop" ring tones.

How to Make Cell Phone Ringtones from Music Tracks for Free
Stop paying for ringtones. Detailed description of how to make cell phone ringtones from music tracks -- for free.

Music Ring Tones: Ring Tone Basics
Good overview of musical ringtones and ringtone basics. Also provides a link to a list of ringtone providers.

Pop Stars and Rock Bands
Information and downloads of 1500+ music pop stars, rock bands, rappers and RnB artists. Including pictures, wallpapers, lyrics, free midis, discographies, ringtones, daily news, concert dates, audio samples, etc.

InfoSpace to Provide Ringtones of American Idol Performances
That's all we need... William Hung Rocket Man ringtones.

Avanquest Ringtone Studio Software - $0.00
Create your own ringtones and wallpapers for your cell phone! Transfer any media from your PC to your phone

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