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iPhone: Does it signal the death of the Ringtone industry?
The iPhone like most phones in the future will store your music albums, any song can be used as a ringtone. Why then would you want to pay $1.99 for a low-quality re-sampling of a song? My bet is you won't, similarly any photo from your photo albums stored on the iPhone can be used as wallpaper. So does it mean the death of paid ringtone services?

Emotive announces Push Ringer for cell phones
Push Ringer allows a caller to push an outgoing ringtone to a receiving phone allowing the caller, not the called person, to set the tone and override the phone’s pre-set ringer.

Software allows caller to decide ringtone. Pranksters rejoice.
The next tween obsession has arrived in the form of Push Ringer, which "enables a caller to push an outgoing ringtone to the receiving phone -- allowing the caller, not the called person -- to set the tone."

ReZoom Gadgetology - Gadgets and gizmos for grownups over 40
You couldn't care less about a new Fergie ringtone or Hello Kitty handheld, right? Believe us, we don't care either. But you still want to know about the latest gadgety goings-on in the wide world of technology… without having to dig through the multitudes of kiddie gizmos.

Funny Ringtone: Alec Baldwin Chews Out Daughter
Psycho Girl meets Psycho Dad! Now you can listen to Alec rage whenever someone calls: "You have made me feel like shit!"

Product to Let Cell Caller Override Your Ringtone
A Southern California company won $7.7 million in funding from a pack of investors that includes Warner Music Group for a product that lets cell phone callers to override the ringtones of the people they call with one of their own choosing.

Override Your Buddy's Lame Ringtone
Sick of your friend's super annoying "My Humps" ringtone? When you call him or her you can force your own ringtone on their phone with this new system. To all of my contacts in my address book: prepare yourself for Peanut Butter Jelly Time.

Gratis Ringtones NL! Realtones!
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Watch Out: New Service Coming that Overrides your Ringtone!
Emotive Communications' patent-pending flagship product is the "Push Ringer" which reverses the common ringtone model. It enables a caller to push an outgoing ringtone to the receiving phone allowing the caller, not the called person, to set the tone. The startup company just received $7.7 million in funding.

Ringtone extention
Cool toolbar with free ringtones, radio, search and tons of ringtone resources.

Create Ringtones The Open Source Way
Don't pay for Ring tones - make them free!

Ringtone Media Studio, personalize your cell phone
Ringtone Media Studio is the ultimate mobile media creation tool for your cell phone. Includes three powerful editing studios for composing polyphonic and real music ringtones, creating wallpapers and editing video clips.

3 Steps to Creating Ringtones with Ubuntu
Using only Open Source Software on Ubuntu. Don't get suckered into free ringtone offers that charge $20 a month - just make your own for Free.

Ringtone roundup: Rascals get to the top
Another Crave roundup of the top ringtones.

Diggnation Ring Tones
So I was watching the show last night and decided that some of the audio would make killer ringtones.

Garage bands rejoice, can now compete in the mobile ringtone arena
Indie bands and basement sound mixers can now make a little extra cash marketing and selling their own custom ringtones thanks to this Seattle startup - Phone Sherpa. Creating and selling personal ringtones couldn't get any easier.

56k Modem Emulator - ringtone, anyone?
I would love to have this as a ringtone. Sounds required to enjoy this link.

Seinfeld: George's Answering Machine
Classic Seinfeld moment. I even have this as my ringtone.

Games themes and other for Sony Ericsson
k700 k700i k750 k750i - 1182 gamesSony Ericsson k750i-w800i - 394 gamesSony Ericsson W800i K750i D750i K700i - 126 ThemesSony Ericsson t610 t630 :1000+ Ringtones500+ Games600+ ThemesSoft+apps

After being down for a while g2p is up again
G2P is a site that searches free directories and shared folders for any mp3, ebook or ringtone file you look for. After being down and unavailable for a while its back up again. Hurray for free and easy download links!


Ringtone roundup: Akon makes me look like a fool
should have known better. Last week, I said that Akon's "Don't Matter" would jump from 22 into Billboard's top-ten ringtone list. Perhaps I was thinking about Babe Ruth too much, or saw Tom Berenger in Major League, but I thought I could call my shot.

Sprint: $2.50 For The Ringtone, $11.85 In Data Transfer Charges
I downloaded a single ring tone for my new phone, and paid $2.50 for it. When my bill arrived, it included a $11.85 charge for "data transfer," at $.03/kb.

Cockpit Ringtones
Save this for your next airline flight. Play the famous WHOOP WHOOP sound heard just before impact, or the configuration warning sound. How about the fire bell? Fun for all ages, especially for your fellow passengers, Just don’t be shocked if the Air Marshall makes you eat some carpet.

Free and Best Ringtone
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Live with your cell phone with ringtones, accessories, and help
If you're confused about where to find the best accoutrements for your handset CNET's new ringtones, accessories, and help page tells you all about the hottest ringtones and the coolest accessories. You'll find a blog, top accessories for our favorite phones, links to cell phone downloads and reviews of the best Bluetooth headsets.

Nokia 6288 - Connecting The World With Pictures
This mobile phone is the best on the market when it comes to connecting to the internet and video sharing in real time. The Nokia 6288 allows for video ringtones and is designed to use its 3G technology to its fullest potential.

Fergie - London Bridge - realtone »
De nieuwe ringtone van Fergie kan je gratis downloaden vanaf deze website. Zelf vind ik het een leuke ringtone die graag met iedereen wil delen. Luister maar eens op

Free Ringtones From Alternate / Electronic Artists Loved By Pitchfork Mag
Pitchfork mag have called a contender for the "punk rock" title in the ringtone "genre", by offering free ringtones from a bunch of well known alternate / electronic / experimental artists.

Lord of the Ringtones How Akon became a star.
R&B singer Akon is an unlikely superstar. He was born in St. Louis to Senegalese immigrant parents, and it's a safe bet that no previous Billboard Hot 100 chart-topper is a native Wolof speaker with a given name like Aliaune Damala Bouga Time Puru Nacka Lu Lu Lu Badara Akon Thiam.

Ringtone sales in the USA expected to decline this year
Broadcast Music (BMI) expects that the 2007 music ringtone market will fall by US$50 million - to US$550 million in retail sales. No more Crazy Frog!

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