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The Self Expressive Quality of Ringtones
If you are one of the countless throngs of people who has purchased or downloaded a ringtone for your cell phone, you probably already know that there is a certain amount of vanity involved. "What's that? you say.

Mobile Adult Content Congress
One of the most, um... talked about events in telecom is back. Research has shown that the top mobile searches are for ringtones and adult content. There is a tremendous opportunity for revenue growth while realizing the added social responsibility to control and monitor delivery. Do you want to know more? Click here.

Free Ringtones for Verizon Wireless (Not spam I promise!)
You can get free ringtones on your Verizon Wireless phone using a cable and a piece of free software! Check it out!

5.1 Surround Cellphone: As Awesome as it Sounds
NTT DoCoMo is currently working on a cellphone that delivers block rockin' ringtones in 5.1 surround sound. Why would somebody ever want 5.1 on a cellphone? Well the real question is why wouldn't somebody want 5.1 on a cellphone?

ringtones / ringbacktones: music expression vs music entertainment
why do people pay top dollar for mobile music derivatives like ringtones and ringbacktones. is it becasue they are using the music for self-expression rather than for entertainment? how else do you explain ringbacktones that they do not even hear themselves but pay for? the hypothesis is that the driver for digital music in asia is self-expression

Kylie Minogue
Info about Kylie Minogue. You can also listen to some Kylie Minogue ringtones.

Avril Lavigne
Info about popular singer Avril Lavigne. Provides some Avril Lavigne ringtones.

Ringtones for Motorola C261
I want to download ringtones to my c261 but am not getting true how can i do this...

- How to delete the ringtones that came with the Motorola V3
There are songs and a movie that i can't delete off the phone.. i arked it then tried to delete it off but it just shows " 0 files deleted off" and the songs were still on do i delete them off the phone?

Ringtones on yhe fly with DJ Tonexpress The Ringtone Creator
DJ ToneXpress is an easy to use desktop application that lets you make unlimited customized real music ringtones from MP3, WMA, WAV, Audio CDs and OGG files and transfer them to your mobile phone

More Free Nintendo Ringtones! (MP3s)
This collection includes: Donkey Kong, Metroid, Sonic, Smash Bros., Starfox, Super Mario, Tetris, Zelda, and more. Over 2GB to choose from.

Mosquitio Ringtones - UltraSonic Tone, adults can't hear. - Free MP3
This was talked about on Law & Order the other night, it's a high frequency tone that we lose the ability to hear as we get older, making it a popular choice amongst todays youth. I can attest this is real, as I could not hear some of the tones my kids could! Weird.

Royalty agreement reached for music downloads in UK
Record companies and songwriters in the United Kingdom have reached an agreement over royalties covering online digital music sales, including digital music sales and mobile phone ringtones. Songwriters will receive 8 percent for each song downloaded. They had sought 12 percent, and music companies wanted to give them 6.5 percent.

IGN's Top 10 Video game cell phone ringtones
IGN has got a list of the top 10 video game ringtones for your cell phone. Personally, I would've liked to see the overworld music from SMB at #1 but hey, free ringtones for all!

Cell Phones Can Damage Your Eyes
A recent scientific study identified a link between microwave radiation of the kind emitted by cellular phones and two different kinds of damage to the eye. At least one type of damage apparently never heals.

Video Game Cellphone Ringtones
This is a list of the top 10 ringtones inspired by videogames, as listed by Very interesting, plus they have links to the sounds.

Is MySpace missing the biggest opportunity?
Maybe instead of pushing ads and ringtones to teens, MySpace should be thinking about how to help the music industry do music marketing, with a subscription-based multi-user marketing and content management platform that hooks into the regular MySpace profiles?

Verizon Wireless brings Jimi Hendrix classics to phones
The carrier will offer songs, ring back tones, and ringers on its V Cast service. Also: the British crave mobile music, ringtones in concert, and handsets are replacing watches among the youth of America.

Recycling Cell Phones
The cell phone industry, understanding concerns related to the disposal of cell phones and PDAs have created alternatives to both refurbish and recycle the materials in older style cellular phones. What solutions for recycling cell phones exist?

18 Supermario Brothers Ringtones polyphonic .mid FREE for your cell
18 Supermario Brothers Ringtones polyphonic .mid free ringtones for your cell phone. Find other stuff at like free games, applications, movies, and more.

Free Sony Ericsson W800i themes - after searching for it 2 hours
I know, I know you also have an mobile or cell phone. My mother buy for me after 3 months the nice Sony Ericsson W800i. I buy ringtones and wallpapers for it because I hate the "default" ringtones I don't know that these phones supports themes, and I decided to search for it and find free themes for SE W800i

Mosquito Ringtones
Learn about how mosquito ringtones got started in the mass market and download one for your phone from several available websites.

Fergie sings London Bridge on TRL video in .3gp format for your cell phone!
Fergie sings London Bridge on TRL - video in .3gp format for your cell phone! Get more free stuff for your cell phone @ ...Ringtones, games, movies, and more!

The Fast and the Furious - Tokyo Drift full version .3gp format for your ce
The Fast and the Furious - Tokyo Drift full version .3gp format for your cellphone. Brought to you by - your premier source for free ringtones, games, movies, applications, and more.

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